About us


  • To promote Irish and non-Irish Taxi Drivers in Galway City.
  • To reinforce community security via private taxi drivers operating with Local Taxis, e.g. if you are attacked and rang a Friend, their delay may prove crucial. Calling Local Taxis, however, will result in a swift and professional response.
  • To encourage co-operation, and working as a team to achieve our goals.
  • To offer excellent service whilst enabling our customers to save money.
  • To create a helpful and caring community.

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(+35391) 500600


This organisation enthusiastically creates a welcoming atmosphere for the long term unemployed, encouraging them to re-enter the workforce as taxi drivers. We offer work placement to those with a P.S.V. licence, giving them valuable experience in the following areas:

  • 1. Hazards and risks
  • 2. Meter set-up
  • 3. Radio systems
  • 4. Printed receipt systems
  • 5. G.P.S. systems
  • 6. Passenger extra care
  • 7. Map reading and orientation
  • 8. Driving responsibility
  • 9. Time management
  • 10. Disability awareness

After the training those who wish to work with, or gain work experience through, Local Taxis are highly welcome to do so, even in a voluntary capacity.